Avoid This One Ingredient And Watch Your RA Inflammation Decrease

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I promise you that if you follow what I am telling you, the inflammation would not be as bad. It’s so sad to say, but the biggest culprit is SUGAR! I love to eat; I am not going to lie to you. But every time I drink soda or sweet tea, it hits me hard, the pain along with the inflammation is in full effect.  At times I just lay down and say to myself, is it worth it? And I would say YES! But honestly, it’s not worth it.

Who wants to follow a diet? I wouldn’t say I like being restricted. What is working for me? Teavana tea I can drink cold or hot it is incredible. This has helped me big time! I can’t help it; I do love to eat cereal and milk. I eased off from drinking cow milk, and I have almond unsweetened milk with my cereal. It’s not bad at all. It is so good, and I even use it as a base for my smoothies as well; oh, and another liquid base I use other than water is coconut water. This recipe makes my smoothie so delicious.

I am not a big meat eater. Only on occasions say Ruth Chris Steak House, mouthwatering steak.  But when I do, I feel the pain; I try to stay away. My diet consists mainly of chicken and fish. If you can do just fish, that would be incredible, I decided it for about three weeks, and I felt amazing.

For vitamins, I take folic acid, B12, and one a day women vitamin. But I do make sure I have a smoothie every morning. I can always be sure I get my nutrients my body needs.

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