Baby Must-Haves for RA Moms

Generally, childcare is a difficult task even though it depends largely on the ages of the children. As a working mother, living with RA – whether moderate or severe – seems to be an everyday challenge and an unrelenting nightmare to overcome.

How do you cope as a mother with RA that has pain in your hands,  picking up your child, and positioning her for breastfeeding? Or do you want to recount the difficulty of bathing your baby in the same condition? Or changing pampers? Rescuing your toddler who has fallen? Kneeling on the floor to play with your toddlers seems to be difficult or even impossible.

The challenges are just countless!

Thus, raising a baby with RA is an additional responsibility. However, do not panic! I once underwent the state, and I am still skating through it without a scratch.

Well, getting through those tough days cost me huge investments that would make me use my hands to care for my baby easily.

While some were terrible investments, others were good. The first thing I bought was a breathable baby wrap. I quickly put it on and just go anywhere I loved. That only solved a part of the problems. I then had to struggle with another issue – putting the baby in the car seat and then pick up to carry her. You sure don’t expect me to be fetching a 10-pound newborn baby all around with my condition!

After placing my baby on the seat upon rigorous processes, unbuckling the seat belt to get him out seemed impossible. I had to research what could help me do that easily, and I stumbled upon a car seat baby carrier. What a blessing!

Changing diapers and dressing my baby posed another severe challenge. Using onesies with snaps, buttons that often come with newborn clothing was not easy, as it was challenging for me to clip the buttons. Sometimes, I just left the buttons open. Other times, I asked for help if someone was home.

However, I eventually made a worthwhile investment – the magnetic onesies clothing – which ruled out my previous challenges in changing my baby’s diapers and dresses. The truth is that having a baby and RA gives you the dual job of caring for your baby as well as your RA and doesn’t come up so cheap. However, mothers often keep trying to make things work. Don’t be embarrassed to share what you struggle with as a mother. You will surely get products that will meet your needs as a mother living with RA.

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