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More About Me

The day I was diagnosed I’ll never forget— coming second to when I realized what it really meant to have RA. I was diagnosed at 16, after some wrist pain from a volleyball game I was diagnosed but remained in remission for years until it became a daily battle. The medication can only do so much but since the day my RA came out of remission I have been determined to not survive but to THRIVE!!

Growing up in Brooklyn, NY to a Guyanese mom and Trinidadian dad, life for me and my sister & brother was pretty normal. Here’s Leston, my husband of 8 years. When he enlisted in the Army, we got married and I moved away from NYC and my family for the first time EVER in my life!!! And guess where he was stationed — not Germany, Hawaii or someplace interesting— we went to Kentucky!! 

(Oh wait till you hear the stories from there…)

LIfe still continues

So here I am a true New Yorker (I mean I didn’t even drive or have a license!!) and now I’m in rural Fort Knox, KY. ANNNNDDDDDDD then Leston deploys to Afghanistan leaving me in a new city, by myself and trying to cope with RA. At the time I felt life was handing me one lemon after another— I was drinking lemonade for a while!! 

But now I am sooooo thankful for those days! It was in Kentucky that I developed the desire to THRIVE with RA. That my diagnosis doesn’t define me. I beat the odds and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Laila. Who, btw is in the 90th percentile of her peers (this Mama with RA has stories about our adventures— especially when Leston is in the field training or on one of his 4 deployments!)

Just know that if I am able to live my best life in the midst of RA, believe you can do it too!! I look forward to sharing my stories and hearing yours!  Leave a comment below, introduce yourself or just say hello! 

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