Avoid This One Ingredient And Watch Your RA Inflammation Decrease

Avoid This One Ingredient And Watch Your RA Inflammation Decrease

I promise you that if you follow what I am telling you, the inflammation would not be as bad. It’s so sad to say, but the biggest culprit is SUGAR! I love to eat; I am not going to lie to you. But every time I drink soda or sweet tea, it hits me hard, the pain along with the inflammation is in full effect.  At times I just lay down and say to myself, is it worth it? And I would say YES! But honestly, it’s not worth it.

Who wants to follow a diet? I wouldn’t say I like being restricted. What is working for me? Teavana tea I can drink cold or hot it is incredible. This has helped me big time! I can’t help it; I do love to eat cereal and milk. I eased off from drinking cow milk, and I have almond unsweetened milk with my cereal. It’s not bad at all. It is so good, and I even use it as a base for my smoothies as well; oh, and another liquid base I use other than water is coconut water. This recipe makes my smoothie so delicious.

I am not a big meat eater. Only on occasions say Ruth Chris Steak House, mouthwatering steak.  But when I do, I feel the pain; I try to stay away. My diet consists mainly of chicken and fish. If you can do just fish, that would be incredible, I decided it for about three weeks, and I felt amazing.

For vitamins, I take folic acid, B12, and one a day women vitamin. But I do make sure I have a smoothie every morning. I can always be sure I get my nutrients my body needs.

Why Food Supplements? Facts and Benefits

Why Food Supplements? Facts and Benefits

An unhealthy lifestyle and poor eating are the most significant cause of many health-related problems. What we choose to eat should be of good quality because the food is the leading source of energy and nutrition.

If you are overeating junk food, you must know this type of food is nothing but only filling your stomach with sub-quality food. Unfortunately, many people are extremely busy with their day to day activities, which results in it hard to find time to cook healthy meals.

Therefore, they prefer fast food.

Their bodies suffer and end up not getting enough vitamins. This results in constant weaknesses and several other serious health problems.

So, they need a vitamin supplement to boost their health.

People who cannot get a good supply of vitamins and minerals from the food should think of taking natural food supplements.

Obviously, you should not purchase the first container of supplements you see at the drugstore, as it is good to take first advice from a doctor about drugs or supplements.

Benefits of Supplements

Vitamins and minerals are the nutrients that are obtained from food sources. But you might not be able to eat a neutral diet on a routine basis, particularly if you have individual food concerns like allergies. This is the cause of why expert nutritionists recommend that you must take nutritional supplements regularly.

Most food supplements have no side effects as compare to traditional drugs. Quality supplements, mostly in the form of pills, are made of natural elements that do not contain any harmful chemicals. However, it is always good to choose supplements offered by reliable companies.  Usually, natural medicines can be consumed by people of all ages.

By adding supplements to your diet plan, you will develop overall health and prevent many diseases. Vitamin supplements anddiet supplements help foster energy, stop hair loss, control body weight, and sustain your body with an extensive range of minerals and vitamins.

When deciding on natural supplements, you expel the risk of getting dependent on them. Natural pills can be taken regularly. You just follow the proper instruction. Supplements are available at reasonable prices; actually, they can meet various budgets; natural pills always avert the growth of certain diseases; you may save money on expensive treatment in the future.

Types of Food Supplement

There are different types of food supplements, before deciding on the one, you should consult with your doctor. Different food supplements have diverse effects on the body; some are intended to boost the immune system or increase energy, while others control body weight. Many products help people who are concerned about their weight and want to lose it.

Some of the food supplements help gain weight as if someone has a slim and healthy body; they can improve appearance and personality to a great extent. People who are underweight or suffer from hypothyroid, anxiety, hormonal disorder, and any other relevant disease that means they are prone to this type of problem.

Consuming adequate calories and gaining weight can quickly is the best solution to overcome it. Top food supplements are available in the market, both online and offline, for people who are underweight and experiencing relevant health problems.

Some types of food supplements help meet daily nutrient requirements; they provide essential vitamins and minerals to your body; sometimes, you lack a regular diet.

Bear in mind, daily consumption of food supplements is not meant to replace healthy meals.

Facts about Food Supplements

Multivitamins prevent disease and other sicknesses; its consumption helps prevent cancer. The essential vitamins, like A, C, and E, are rich in antioxidants. Hence, they neutralize chemicals that oxidative damage within your cells.

Food supplementsimprove proper metabolism;it absorbs the nutrients found in the meal and prompts proper metabolism. Vitamin B fatty food supplements can help avoid various effects of nutrients’ deficiencies. It helps to prevent nerve damage, anemia, skin disorders, and joint pains.

Consuming food supplements are useful to repair tissues and their maintenance. Taking vitamins D and Calcium may benefit tissue repair and bone strength.

There are Health Care Products that you can add in your regular diet, but before taking those food supplements, it is good to consult with your doctor. Supplements are useful when your diet is deficient; dietary supplements are safe as they are tested scientifically and clinically. They can be used as a treatment of specific health problems.

Try to find the advice of a professional health care provider before taking any supplement is ultimately advised.

The Importance of Living a Healthy Lifestyle

The Importance of Living a Healthy Lifestyle

There is a great importance of living a healthy lifestyle; it helps to maintain good health and prevent diseases. A healthy lifestyle is rather simple to succeed – there is no need to do something unique to adopt a better way of life. In this blog, we are going to cover the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We will try to provide you the best Lifestyle Solutions, so stay stick with us till the end.

What to do?

The most important thing to do is eat healthy food, avoid toxins in your food. Try to avoid it as much as possible; fresh fruit, veggies, and whole grains should be your priority. Do exercise regularly and avoid smoking. These are some of the most critical factors that can make your lifestyle better. Keep yourself away from environmental toxins; organic things will help to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Our modern lifestyle is highly convenient, I must say – but it can also be really unhygienic and harmful for you. Because most of us eat processed foods rather than fruit and veggies, we hardly do exercise. These factors develop chronic conditions like diabetes, and we prefer conventional medications for treatment that bring devastating side effects. We are ignoring the healthy lifestyle and accepting bad habits for us and for our younger generation. The whole scenario is severely affecting our healthful lifestyle.

Benefits of A Healthy Lifestyle:

It’s a fact that we cannot implement all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle, but we should try our best to achieve some of them. You can act upon the most essential factor, which is quality food, eat well to achieve a healthy life. There are several benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle, and some of them are given below.

  • The main benefit is that you get complete protection from widespread diseases that you may face by an inadequate and unhygienic lifestyle. If you are living healthy, so that means you actually strengthen your immune system and making it ready to fight several diseases.
  • If you are eating the right food and doing exercise regularly, you will enjoy a physically fit life. The risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and others will be reduced to none.
  • Apart from good physical health, a healthy lifestyle will improve your mental health. Quality diet and exercise will keep you stay away from mental challenges, and you will enjoy better sleep at night. It also reduces the level of depression.
  • Healthy people also play their vital part to benefit society. If you are physically active and healthy, it will help you enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
  • If you are eating correctly, getting ample sleep, and doing exercise regularly, you will have the right physical and mental energy to deal with daily challenges.

Habits to Enrich Your Lifestyle

There are some essential tips for a Better Lifestyle, and these are going to help you in making your lifestyle healthier.

  • Enjoy a healthy breakfast.
  • Invest most of your time and energy in productive tasks.
  • Reading books help gain knowledge and help to make a lifestyle better.
  • Complete one task at a time and avoid taking a burden.
  • Try to keep yourself surrounded by some positive people.
  • Create positivity in yourself, reduce stress, and improve physical health.
  • Make some time for exercise.
  • Always invest in self-care; it will help you enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Wellness and Relaxation

There are several Causes and Prevention of Lifestyle Diseases, the most essential cause is unhealthy choices. When your eating habits are not good, you will face several health-related problems. Specific changes in diet and lifestyle can help you prevent diseases like diabetes, coronary artery disease, obesity, ischemic stroke, and some specific cancers.

If you want to enjoy wellness and looking for relaxation, you must give preference to quality food and daily exercise. These are some of those factors that play a vital role in making your lifestyle great.

What It’s Really Like to Relocate in the Military with an Auto-Immune Disease

What It’s Really Like to Relocate in the Military with an Auto-Immune Disease

Military relocation is, frankly, part of the military, but adding in autoimmune disease makes it all the more complex. I swear life just slaps me in the face sometimes with this chaos, and I’m not quite sure what to do about it. Why’s it moving so hard? Well, let me tell you.

  1. Junk. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like we have a ton of junk. In fact, at this point, I wish I had a Rent-A-Center so that I could just pick up my suitcase and roll it out when it’s time to go. But when you have a family, you inevitably acquire this and that. It’s exhausting.
  • Packing. The process of moving doesn’t sound difficult until you have to do it. The military is kind enough to send a company to pack and move your household. Which is great until they pack everything up and leave you in an empty house with nothing until you leave in a week. I’ve found that the smart thing to do is to put everything aside that you need to live before the packers come. For example, a couple of clothes and shoes for you and your family is all you need. I say this because when the packers come, they pack everything in sight, and I’m not exaggerating.
  • Unpacking. In my experience, unpacking is nothing short of a disaster. When you get to a new duty station, you have to unpack, and my autoimmune disease (Rheumatoid Arthritis) prevents me from doing much of any of this. While you can have the packers unpack for you, they leave your home a complete disaster because they don’t put anything away. 

Moving with an autoimmune disease is severe. You don’t know anyone, and you can’t do a lot of it yourself. My husband can’t do it all, and it prompts me to get help from a company, which can also get expensive. While things like this are beyond my control, I know that I can only do what I can do.

4 Diet Tips I’ve Discovered That Reduce My RA Symptoms

4 Diet Tips I’ve Discovered That Reduce My RA Symptoms

Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) has brought on a host of symptoms that sometimes make it feel like it’s impossible to live the life I used to. But reducing these symptoms is a step towards taking back my life and reducing that inflammation that makes me feel as though I can’t go on. Read below for my top tips for a tried and true RA diet!

  1. Avoid sugar

It’s so sad to say, but the biggest culprit is SUGAR! I love to eat—I am not going to lie to you. But every time I drink soda or sweet tea, the symptoms hit me hard. My pain, along with the inflammation, is in full effect. At times, I just lay down and say to myself, is it worth it? And my greedy ass says YES! Who wants to follow a diet? I don’t like being restricted. Yet, I promise you other options have reduced sugar that can help you avoid those wretched symptoms. I can drink Teavana tea hot or cold, and it’s absolutely amazing. This has helped me big time with cutting out sugar!

  • Cut dairy

Now, I can’t help it, I do love to eat cereal and milk. Yet, I found that dairy milk was a trigger for some of my worst symptoms. As a result, I eased off drinking cow’s milk, and I just have almond unsweetened milk with my cereal. I still get the food I love without the symptoms I hate. It’s a win-win! It’s so good, and I even use it as a base for my smoothies as well. Another excellent liquid base is coconut water. This makes my smoothie so delicious.

  • Go lean

I’m not a big meat eater, but I do love an occasional mouthwatering steak at Ruth Chris Steak House. However, when I begin to feel pain, I try to steer clear of red meat and keep my diet in the lean meat categories of mainly chicken and fish. If you can do just fish, that would be incredible. I tried it for about 3 weeks, and I felt amazing.

  • Get your vitamins

I’ve found that vitamins can also ease my symptoms. Every day, I take folic acid, B12, and one-a-day women’s vitamin. But I do make sure I have a smoothie every morning, so I can always be sure I get the nutrients my body needs.

You’ve Been Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis—Now What?

You’ve Been Diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis—Now What?

Trust me, I’ve been here. When you first get diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), it’ll feel like the end of the world. But first things first, don’t get all hysterical and think that your life is over.

It is what it is

When I was first diagnosed with Juvenile RA, I was 16. At that time, my parents didn’t have a clue what a diagnosis like that meant, so they took me to get another opinion. But, as you can expect, the blood test result was accurate. It is what it is!

At the time, I was given Celebrex, and the drug worked wonders. Yet, after a month or so, it was like I had amnesia. I forgot I had RA, I wasn’t taking my medication, and I found out that my RA had gone into remission at a doctor’s appointment.

You’ll learn what works for you

While you may not enter RA remission at the same time or at the same pace as everyone else, you’ll learn to keep it at bay. You’ll learn what works for you. Sometimes, like with me, it happens fast. RA is an autoimmune disorder. Your body’s immune system is turning on itself, creating antibodies to its own cells, and attacking its joints and other tissues throughout the body. Thus, it’s imperative to tackle it head-on and have your rheumatologist treat you. Your rheumatologist will find the treatment that’s right for you. Make sure you find someone you feel comfortable with.  

Don’t solely go the natural route

As empowered as you should feel to take control of your RA treatment, please do not fall into the belief that you can heal yourself naturally. When I first came out of remission, I attempted natural healing. I took supplements instead of my medication, and it was a terrible idea. The RA was aggressive, and I saw that my fingers were slightly deformed, and the pain was intense. Feel free to use natural supplements, but stay on your medication. I’m speaking from experience—check out the picture below.

This can all be prevented by taking your medication because it’ll slow down progression. I had to stop retaking my medication for a year because I wanted to get pregnant. During that time, I knew there would be some risk but not to the extent I’ve experienced. It was severe and aggressive, and I experienced a drastic change within that one year.

Final thoughts

Early, aggressive treatment can help you manage RA. Just because you’ve received this diagnosis doesn’t mean that you’re going to experience every adverse side effect. It doesn’t mean everything is hopeless. Just be mindful and take care of yourself.